Transformation Sessions

Transformational Sessions

This is called transformation, because we are really transforming the underlying energies and systems of energies to not only let go of blocks, fears, and other wonky stuff, but to weave in underlying energies of what you truly desire.

Do any of these issues resonate with you?  

I Need Life Direction and Inner Guidance

  • I feel stuck (I want to go forward with something but can’t seem to)
  • I have difficulties getting answers and guidance from within
  • I feel like there is some ‘life task’ or ‘life purpose’ for me but I don’t know how to discover what that is, or how to go forward with it
  • I'm unclear about what direction to go in my life

I Desire More Inner Connection and Communion

  • I feel disconnected from my ‘true self’, my inner heart, or my ‘higher self’
  • I have difficulties going inwards and ‘communing’ with my inner self, as well as Source

I Want to Develop My Intuitive Skills

  • I desire to develop my intuitive (psychic) skills and intuitive abilities
  • I'd like to be able to transform situations and issues for myself, with energy & light
  • I'd like to be able to create what I truly desire in ‘magical’ or ‘miraculous’ ways
  • I know I am gifted somehow but I don’t know how to access that

I Am Dealing with Life Problems

  • I have problems (issues) that nothing else has helped resolve so far
    (*see 'Light Healing')
  • I have issues that I think are too ‘out there’ for anyone to understand
  • My body is giving me ‘messages’ (discomfort or issues) but I don’t know how to decode them or resolve them
  • I am experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety - even chronic or excessive anxiety

Would you like to transform that?  We can!  

Transformative Sessions

Personal Live Transformation Sessions with Linda Lonseth (Online)

Contact me for a quick phone conversation to see if this would be a fit for you!

What It's Like to Work with Me
It’s a fun, relaxing, playful adventure – you never know exactly what is going to come up!  Sometimes it’s cosmic, sometimes we are working with other dimensions, sometimes it’s going into the depths of your tender heart – you just never know, and it’s ALWAYS interesting!

One thing for sure, it is NOT overwhelming or painful. We can take the sting out of anything, no worries!

You WILL be involved, and often you will be doing the ‘work’ and I will be your tour guide.  When we can do this, it is much more empowering for you.  I am not interested in passive ‘healing’ (were that even possible); I am much more interested in you being able to proactively and consciously create your life the way you really desire.

Sometimes, however, I do energy processes and work with light to assist you – often in clearing out some twist or turn or block, so that what is truly YOU can emerge.

Where We Do It
The sessions (for now) are online on Zoom video calls.  Eventually I would like to do transformation sessions in nature, surrounded and supported by the earth, trees, plants, and whatever else is present.

Since energy work is unhindered by distance, there is no difference to the potency (power) of the transformational work.  I do prefer for us to see each other if at all possible.

Recommendations may include a variety of things, such as journal topics, specific meditation activities, intuition-building tools to practice, online or recorded workshops and instruction, further transformation sessions, energy-balancing or chakra-balancing sessions (where you relax and receive), meditation audios, book recommendations, videos and other materials that can be found online, and practical information that may be helpful to you in your journey.

The Most Efficient Way to Make Progress
The most efficient way to make progress is to get very clear about what you would like to achieve, and then intuitively choose whatever will contribute to that.  There is no one ‘roadmap’ that everyone can follow, because this is very deep, very personalized work. What is necessary for someone else may not be necessary for you, and vice versa.  I follow my intuitive inner guidance, and I support you in doing the same, and in making intuitive, heart-aligned choices.

Generally, a combination of transformation sessions, personal meditations and other ‘homeplay’, as well as intuitive skills development, is the most efficient way to make progress. 

See Personal Mentoring: Create What You Truly Desire for more details.

How We Do It!
There are aspects of some previous energy modalities that I still use with myself and with clients – it’s great to have a lot of different options so that I can use whatever will most benefit the individual person at the time.  The main techniques I use with clients are:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – manually tapping acupuncture circuit endpoints)
  • Emotion Code (very useful for identifying and releasing stuck emotions)
  • Body Code (a more comprehensive system to identify underlying energies that has Emotion Code at its core)
  • Provocative Therapy (a loving triggering of underlying emotions and energies)
  • Advanced Clearing Energetics (a system of identifying and clearing stuck energies in brain and body, developed by Richard Flook)
  • Timeline Therapy (combined with other energy and light processes)
  • Access Consciousness Tools & Body Processes
  • ‘Playing with Spaces’ – based on Dr. Graziano Dominici’s work
  • Light Vortex techniques – cosmic light used in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes
  • Body facilitation with Light – facilitating bodies, hearts, and psyches with light techniques

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