​Transformational Coaching Room

Transformational Coaching

​Transformational coaching sessions are a combination of guided adventure, 'magical' dissolving of issues and stuck emotions, and opening up to the greatness of who you REALLY are.  Be prepared to see ​​things from a more enlightened, empowering perspective - the perspective of the 'true you'.  

​Linda has successfully worked with a variety of situations.  Some of them include: ​emotional trauma (chronic or acute); sexual trauma​; feeling 'stuck' (career, personal, relationship, wealth); ​feeling anxious or overwhelmed; feeling emotionally blocked; persistent physical issues that don't seem to respond to other treatments; ​feeling disconnected from ​​inner self or from higher awareness; bipolar; OCD;​ feeling 'crazy'.  

​She has a different perspective than the mainstream on ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, dyslexia, bipolar, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and other perplexing 'labels'. She has the ​insight and tools to address these in ways that create more ease, understanding, empowerment, and ​a reduction of problematic areas.  She specializes in ​situations that require out-of-the-box thinking and approach.

One aspect that often provides clues is a thorough Intuitive Health Analysis, which Linda can do before, or in addition to, a first coaching or bodywork appointment (can be included in a package). This is highly recommended. Our bodies are constantly sending us messages, and when we find where things are out of balance in our bodies, we can deal with the associated unresolved emotional stressors. Areas that are covered in the analysis include: allergies and sensitivities, toxins, neurochemical levels, functioning of organs and glands, levels of 91 essential nutrients, nutritional requirements (to increase or avoid), possible diets that may be helpful, presence and location of parasitic organism overgrowths, genetic variations (ADHD), conditions that can mimic or exacerbate ADHD (where possible or diagnosed ADHD is a concern), and if required, location of trapped emotional energies in specific brain locations associated with specific organs.  This is incredibly useful information, not only for coaching work, but for everyday choices in foods, environmental considerations, and possible supplementation if desired. As well, some conditions may come to light that would benefit from the services of a holistic practitioner, and referrals can be made where practitioner information is available. 

Linda combines a variety of modalities and techniques in ​Transformational Coaching, and is intuitively guided in the process​ to find what is ​most important, to go back ​to the emotional and energetic root, and to completely resolve the issue, as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This work is easy, painless, fast, powerful, and fun!  

​This work can be done in person in Toronto (East York) or online (video conferencing), with equal success.  Some of the most powerful work done has been online, so if that is more convenient, it is certainly effective!

Some of the modalities that may be utilized are:

  • Helix Lightwork - directing helical columns of divine light for transformation 
  • Playing with Spaces - powerfully transforming systems of energies
  • Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE Practitioner Level 3 with Richard Flook)
  • Access Consciousness: Tools, Techniques and Processes ​that ​facilitate powerful transformation and release
  • Body Code and Emotion Code (Dr. Brad Nelson)
  • Provocative Energy Therapy (Steve Wells and David Lake)
  • NLP Time-Line Therapy 
  • Matrix Re-Imprinting (Karl Dawson)
  • Linda is a certified Integrative Health Coach with Meta-Health International

​Transformational Bodywork Room

Transformational Bodywork

​​Transformational Bodywork is a delici​ous ​experience you give yourself!  This is blissful, expansive, brain-balancing, lightening, chakra-aligning, heart-opening, consciousness-expanding, energizing, relaxing...what will it be for you?!  This is the most effective neurobalancing energy modality ​available. 

​People choose bodywork for a variety of reasons. When something in our brains or bodies is out of balance, this is one of the most direct and effective ways to create lasting change. ​ People with ADHD, autism/ASD, OCD, and dyslexia will find benefit. Some ​people have a desire to open up to something more (either in their heart, or in their awareness), and don't know how to do that.  People might also choose bodywork when they simply feel like being nurtured​!  People will often choose bodywork for the same issues as they would choose coaching (see above), feeling that a direct physical approach is more their 'style'. ​Sometimes ​people feel that bypassing the 'monkey mind' or overwrought mind would be preferable when dealing with an issue that is deep-seated or chronic. When we do bodywork, it sometimes makes it easier to open up areas in your brain and body than ​working cognitively and consciously.  Transformational Bodywork ​can enhance what is accomplished in Transformational Coaching, and ​there are packages available that combine both.  

What does this bodywork look like?  You remain fully clothed, and are usually ​lying cozily on the massage table​ (although a reclining chair is also possible when necessary). There is minimal touch for the most part, but you will always be consulted if touch is required.  Touch is usually very light, since it is powerful energies that are ​doing the heavy lifting, and much of the work is done off the body.  You may feel really relaxed, feel energy moving through your body, notice sensations here or there, or just kind of conk out!  Some of the deepest work can be done when our mind is at rest.  

All of the bodywork is intuitive and the 'directions' come from your body and Being.  The most important things to be addressed will come up first, and may not necessarily seem to be what you thought you required.  Since this is intuitive work, there may not be a cognitive explanation for 'what happened' or 'what was that', since the work is happening on a level that is far beyond cognitive, and is dictated by your own ​inner or higher self.

The most common modalities and therapies used in this bodywork are:

  • Helix Bodywork with Light (using divine light, and powerful standing columnar waves of divine light)
  • Playing with Spaces Bodywork (​transforming systems of energies)
  • Access Body Processes (powerful energetic body processes)