​Focus and Calm for Kids ~
Without Drugs 
Online Video Conference
Saturday, May 26 ​
11 a.m. - 12:30 pm

​For Parents and Interested Adults!

*Are your kids having difficulty being calm and focused?
*Do they have challenges at school?
*Have you been wondering if there is some other way besides medications?
*Are you dissatisfied or frustrated with the results of
what you have been trying so far?

Are you interested in trying something different?
This goes way beyond what is currently available.

This workshop is for concerned parents of amazing kids
(and anyone else!), whether or not there is any diagnosis of
ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, or dyslexia.

Here's what's on:

  • Learn how to help your kids (and you) have focus and calm without drugs
  • Get a different perspective about ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, and dyslexia, and open up different possibilities than you see in the mainstream
  • Find out how to help your kids be happy, balanced, and confident
  • Learn some ways to start making a difference right away
  • Get information about amazing new technologies that are non-invasive and convenient
  • Participate in discussion about what parents of exceptional kids really need -
    for you, and for your kids

    Linda Lonseth, M.Mus, B.Ed, is a certified teacher with most recent experience in an all-special-education school. She is author of "The ADHD Brain...for non-scientists like me", and is founder of The Lightwork School. On the Spectrum with Linda is a comprehensive holistic approach designed to get real results in balancing brains and bodies.

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​Looking forward to seeing you and talking with you!

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