Light Healing

You can't always take care of your own issues yourself!  And that's okay! 

We all sometimes benefit from someone else's perspective, and someone else's assistance.
Yes, we heal ourselves, but we can allow someone else to be a part of that process.

If you are encountering issues that are perplexing, or that you have sought help for, with no success, this is the place to turn now.  You are here.  

Some things are beyond the reach of conventional or even energy healing modalities.
In this work, we go wherever we need to go, to find the root of what is going on,
and deal with it in whatever way is required.  This may not look like what you expected!

For the time being, we work on Zoom video calls, and I assure you the work is as powerful there as it would be if you could be in this little sacred space you see in the picture.  

What does this work include?  Any of the following may be a part of the light healing session:

  • Creating and using vortices of divine light in a variety of ways, for a variety of purposes.  This standing wave is not only a cosmically powerful tool, but is up-levelled by being made of Infinite, Divine Love & Truth
  • Guided, active visualizations that may be multi-dimensional or cosmic
  • Transforming the 'spaces' of issues and problems (emotional, social, psychological)
  • Investigating messages and clues from your body (dis-ease, discomfort, etc)
  • NLP timeline therapy and guided work with  your 'inner self' (inner child or inner heart)
  • Transformative energy body processes (not limited by distance)
  • Re-balancing the energies of brain, body, and energy centres (chakras) & meridians
  • Working with other 'layers' of your embodiment (i.e. astral, light-body, etc)
  • Communicating with non-physical beings, as well as other aspects of your Being 
  • Helping you to expand and open up to Oneness with your Being ('Higher Self') and Source, and connecting with your personal 'team' (guides) and other aspects of you
  • Removing implants, programs, old detrimental vows, and other wonky stuff
  • Taking care of lower-energy-being attachments, as well as non-beneficial energy attachments of any kind
  • OR any unique combination of the above, intuitively personalized JUST FOR YOU by a 'shaman of light'. 

    In an in-person session, most of this work would be conducted with only very light, occasional touch - and mostly conducted with hands off your body (which is fully clothed).
    You are sometimes actively involved, and sometimes quietly receiving.
    Online, it is similar - only the 'light touch' is energy and light, rather than physical!

    Get in touch, and let's get started! 
    Leave your phone number and I will call you, so you can get a 'feel' and see if it fits.
    I'd love to hear from you!

Light Healing Sessions
Single Session: $150