Focus and Calm For Kids
On the Spectrum ​Transformation

We are all on some kind of spectrum!

Linda works with the spectrum of energy, sound, and light frequencies
with adults and kids who are on any kind of spectrum of amazing abilities! 

Let's create amazing transformation so that we can be who we truly are,
be able to do what we love, and live with joy and freedom!

Holistic ADHD/ASD: Focus and Calm for Kids ​
10 Holistic Essentials
​Seminar for Parents

  • ​Are you worried about your child falling behind at school?  
  • ​Do you dread phone calls from the teacher?
  • ​Do you feel guilty or like you're not doing enough?
  • Have you been wondering if there is some other way besides medications?

Are you interested in trying something different? 

This ​​workshop is for concerned parents of amazing kids,
whether or not there is any diagnosis -
 ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, or dyslexia.
Find out more and ​reserve your spot now!

​Linda has long experience with kids - teaching piano, voice, elementary school and high school, most recently in an all-special education high school.  She, like many adults, has been seeking ways to naturally and holistically create more ease with ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, and dyslexia, having worked with students with all these challenges, and having an 'ADHD brain' herself.  She has a deep interest in the neurology of ADHD, and has written an e-book, "The ADHD Brain...for non-scientists like me."  

On the Spectrum ​Transformation is a comprehensive holistic ​program designed to get real results by balancing brains and bodies.  

She has a dream to develop a school for kids to be able to learn in a home-school type environment - student-interest-driven, sensory-based, brain-friendly, holistic, with professional mentors, and lots of nature!  
The Lightwork School is ​being developed!  

​Services and Products

  • ​Comprehensive Body Analysis to find out what is really going on in your body and brain, since there are many things that can mimic or exacerbate symptoms of ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, and dyslexia.
    Parent & Child 2-for-1 Special  in September: both for $100.
    Phone 416-693-9009 to book your appointment now!
  • Referrals to holistic practitioners, home detox consultant, holistic nutritional educator/chef, and referral to resources for school and practical matters.
  • Transformative Neurobalancing bodywork sessions and coaching sessions to balance the body and brain.
  • Workshops of all kinds!  Learn energy techniques to manage and transform emotions;  develop innate intuitive abilities and gifts to be the 'superkids' they really are; learn 'magic' tools to create more ease, calm, and empowerment at home and school; learn neurobalancing bodywork to swap with family members.
  • Neurobalancing products.  There is amazing wearable neurotechnology to balance the brain, that hundreds of kids with ADHD and autism are already finding very helpful.  Ask Linda for more information or check it out at  These socks and insoles are reasonably priced to make them as accessible to as many people as possible.  They are like 'magic socks'! 
  • Nature Retreats for Families.  Imagine spending two days in paradise -  with 50 acres of forest, river, and fields to explore, campfires, games, fun workshops, and just hanging out!  This retreat location is in the Muskokas.  More details coming!
  •  Ionic Detox - Release toxins and ionize your body so it can balance and heal itself.
  • Sound Balancing - Balance the body with sound frequencies.  Coming soon!  This is amazing technology! 

Contact Linda for more information and just to chat!

Sign up for a webinar or workshop to find out more, and let's have fun!