World as a bubble

The Illusion of Separation

How would you react?

How would you react if someone said to you that we are living in an illusory 'reality' made of vibrating light, and that the idea that anything can be separate is actually an illusion?

What if they proposed that this 'reality' is by nature somewhat holo-fractal?
By this, we might mean it is made of multi-dimensional holographic light projections, consisting of never-ending patterns that are self-similar across all scales, from infinitely small to infinitely large.

What if they proposed that this so-called 'reality' is a cosmic illusion within an infinite, eternal Oneness?  

Would you scoff?  Mock?  Condemn?  Ostracize?  Cast out?
Or would you consider, inquire within (spiritually), open your mind and heart, and be willing to adjust your perceptions if warranted?  

Would you consider what a dream is like, and wonder if perhaps this life is another layer of dreaming?

Would you remember the times when you just 'knew' who was calling (before call display!), or thought about someone and then they called, or just 'knew' a loved one was in trouble, and just 'knew' what someone else was feeling?

Maybe you could consider that you are already 'dialed in' or 'tuned in' to this Oneness that pervades everything, even if you are only aware of little bits of it?

No, not that!

There are a lot of reasons we tend to recoil against the idea that our 'reality' may be a beautiful multi-dimensional, dynamic holograph, like a video game, for instance, or a movie.  This has a lot of implications and frankly, they scare us!  

What are some of these concerns?
"If separation is an illusion, then... everything in this world an illusion, including me?
...what IS real?
...who is creating this very real-seeming illusion?
...what's the POINT of the separation illusion?
...what happens when we see the illusion for what it is?
...what about dark vs light, and good vs evil?
...who am I?"

These are big concerns, for they affect our perception of everything we think we know to be true.  They affect our 'comfort zone' in an upside-down kind of way!  They require a re-examination of everything we have been taught.  We may not have the courage for this - yet - and that's okay.

So what for now?

Whatever the nature of this 'reality' is, there is one way we CAN navigate it successfully:
Love (action verb).
Love with the infinite love of the infinite I AM.  
Even Oneness itself springs out of the infinite I AM.  
I AM, I create this, and it pleases me. 

Infinite Love in us looks at everyone as a reflection: "This is a reflection of a capacity that I have within me."  

This Love has tender compassion towards everyone, as a loving parent would have to their beloved children, while setting beneficial boundaries as a wise parent would set for their children, and as a sovereign being would enforce to ensure their own God-given free will choice.  

This Love looks within, and loves the vulnerabilities, the fears, the weaknesses, the tendencies, and the seeming 'lacks' with the same tender compassion as the courage, the strengths, the pure desires, the abilities, and the gifts.  

Just Love.  
"Love your enemies" - the people who oppose you.  
"Love one another as I [Christ] have loved you."
"They who do not love do not know God, for God is Love."
"There is no fear in Love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment."
This is not 'just' love; this is the advanced course of mastery!!
This is the whole point.

You have a divinely-ordained right to free-will choice.  Use it.
Your choices create what shows up in YOUR 'reality.'
My choices create what shows up in MY 'reality.'
Every time you make a choice, you open up new possibilities.  
Every choice to Love opens up new possibilities.
What are you choosing in this moment now?

Practical perceptions?

* I am not separate from anything I perceive in my world.
EVERYTHING and EVERYONE reflects a capacity I have within me.
* I am not superior or inferior to anything or anyone I perceive in my world.  
I am not better or worse than anyone or anything I perceive.  I am looking at 'myself.'
* There is a gift of wisdom in everything I perceive in my world.  I may have to dig to find it!

Is that so hard, so difficult, so beyond reach?!
We can all do this!  
Even a child, and especially the divine child within us, can love.