How It Works

You've Tried Lots of Stuff!

You may have been searching in a lot of places for answers and help, such as self-help techniques, courses and workshops, physical therapies, professional counselling, spiritual meditation, energy therapies, or simply trying the wait-and-see approach – and these things have helped only a little, or for only a little while.  You’re frustrated.  Why haven’t they worked? Well, what can happen is that you get focused on small parts of the puzzle and miss the true overall picture.

What's Really Necessary

What’s really necessary is to see a much bigger picture of who ‘you’ really are - a vast, infinite, and timeless Being – and to bring all the aspects of the bigger inner ‘you’ into oneness. Then you can get answers from inside you, about what is most important for you and what direction to go.

What All is Involved?

To be able to really see who you are and find that inner oneness of all that you are, these are the kinds of things that are necessary:

  • Personal Clarity: Get really clear about your own values, needs, desires, feelings, fears, preferences, beliefs, and motivations. Get to know yourself more and more deeply.
  • Inner Connection and Oneness:  Connect everything in your inner world – your heart, your Being, I AM, Source/God, other aspects of who you are – and practise receiving and nourishing everything that you are, to bring all into oneness.  This is really the main key.
  • Higher Vibrations: Get on a higher frequency where you can access more of who you truly are, and open up the ‘magic’ of creating what you’re here to create.
  • Deep Core Work:  Deal with inner blocks like fears, traumas, negative self-beliefs, and programs that get in the way of your forward progress.  Rebalance your body’s energies with frequency healing.
  • Intuitive Skills and Telepathic Communication: Develop your intuitive abilities and telepathic communication skills so you can communicate with your inner self to get clear answers and guidance.
  • Seeing Through Illusions: See how adopting different perceptions of reality, like the observer effect and holographic models, can make it easier to transform situations and create what you truly desire to create.

All of these things combined can help you step into being who you truly are, and bring into oneness everything in your ‘inner universe’ - so that you can clearly see what your deeper purpose is, and be able to follow clear inner guidance.  It truly is an inside job: all the answers that you seek come from within.

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