How It Works

You've Tried Lots of Stuff!

Maybe you've tried some kind of counseling, self-help techniques, group online programs, or some kind of meditation, and it just hasn't been enough for what you need.  So what WILL work? What is required for something this deep, this complex, this full of hidden landmines?

What's Really Necessary

You are unique, and your requirements are unique. Here are some things, though, that are often necessary to navigate life changes, endings, and transitions to new beginnings:

  • Support: understanding, care, compassion, and comfort
  • Heart Healing: release emotions, trauma release, processing grief that comes in waves and stages (disbelief & shock, denial, guilt & pain (and loss & fear), bargaining, anger, depression)
  • Emotional and Mental Health Skills: develop emotional self-care skills and proactive mental health practices (navigating anxiety and depression, or preventing it)
  • Deep Core Work: deal with inner blocks like fears, traumas, negative self-beliefs, and programs that get in the way of your forward progress.  Rebalance your body’s energies with frequency healing.
  • Personal Clarity: go deeper in getting to know yourself, your personality, your values, needs, desires, feelings, fears, preferences, abilities, beliefs, and motivations (your 'why'). This may include career-oriented personality exploration and other career-related practical matters.
  • Inner Oneness: connect deeply with your Being (soul, spirit), I AM (Source), other expressions of your Being, your personal guides (aka 'team'), and many other wise helpers and healers that are not visible in the material realm
  • Higher Vibrations: get on a higher frequency where you can access more of who you truly are, and open up the ‘magic’ of creating what you’re here to create.
  • Intuitive skill development: be able to access inner guidance and get answers from within
  • Create and Transform: Learn powerful tools to be able to transform challenging situations and create what you truly desire

What’s really necessary is to see a much bigger picture of who ‘you’ really are - a vast, infinite, and timeless Being – and to bring all the aspects of the bigger inner ‘you’ into oneness. Then you can get answers from inside you, about what is most important for you and what direction to go.

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