Energy Light Bodywork

Energy & Lightwork for Bodies

Energy and light bodywork benefits in so many more ways than it might first appear. 

  • Lighten and dissolve anxiety
  • Heal traumas (recent or old)
  • 'Defrag' your brain and create tranquility
  • Rebalance your brain and neurochemicals
  • Reduce stress responses
  • Increase your vitality ('aliveness')
  • Bliss! These higher frequencies feel great!
  • Unlock unconscious blocks and limiting energies
  • Assist your body to self-heal
  • Open up your intuitive abilities

This work is transformational, and things can be unlocked through bodywork that are difficult to access any other way. 

At the very least, you will feel lighter and more calm. At the most, it will change your life!

The touch is light, and sometimes the work is done off the body.  

In a typical session, you are fully clothed, and reclining peacefully on a massage table or reclining chair.  
The session will begin with light touches on your head, opening up energy flows and helping your body to let go of whatever it is ready to let go of.

From there, it depends on what your body is requesting. There are a lot of different kinds of modalities and processes to choose from, and your body is the director! I communicate with your body throughout, asking what it and you require.

Sometimes there may be some verbal facilitation as well. It just depends what comes up to be addressed.

Some techniques and modalities that may be included:

  • Access Bars - gently touching various points on your head to help release energies
  • Access Body Processes - over 60 powerful processes to choose from!
  • Energetic Facelift - dynamically changing the energies involved with your face and upper chest and how you perceive yourself
  • Body Code - wonderful for finding the core issues of physical challenges
  • Lightwork for Bodies - my own intuitive lightwork with bodies
  • Shamanic Spaces Bodywork - a unique platform of working with systems of energies and ancient primordial energies
  • Neural Rebalancing - bringing hemispheres into balance, and rebalancing neurochemical levels
  • DNA Restoration and Realignment - this is very powerful work on multi-dimensional levels
  • Psychic Facilitation - this may be silent, or verbal with you
  • Multi-dimensional Facilitiation - access other aspects of your Being
  • Cosmic Reconnection - sometimes people go far away in a bodywork session, and that is always the choice of the Being. You are much more vast than you realize.
  • Archangelic Assistance - archangels are always working with me when I work with you

You have options!  This work is local to Almonte-Carleton Place region (or wherever I am travelling!)
1) We can meet in a nature setting (park or forest) and enjoy the extra help that the earth and nature provide - in season!
2) I can come to your home if you wish, and indoors or your backyard are possibilities!
3) If there is a mutually agreed on location other than those (i.e. a friend's house or after-hours business spot), I'm open to that too!

Please contact me to arrange a time and place for our session.
If you leave your phone number or messaging options, I will call you back.
We can arrange payment details when we connect.

Payment is required to make the booking (except when paying cash).
E-TRANSFER is preferred: e-transfer to my email address.
CREDIT OR DEBIT through the shop is coming soon. 
CASH: Also possible is cash at the beginning of the session.

Single Sessions within Almonte/Carleton Place area are $150.
Farther afield (Ottawa included), single sessions are $200 for one person,
OR if there are two or more people booked in at the same place (of your choosing) back to back in the schedule, it's $150/each person.
For the most part, deeper results come from having sessions every two or three weeks.
Give your body and yourself the opportunity to really benefit with a series of bodywork sessions.

So take a deep breath, step up and enjoy the bliss and power of this transformational work! 

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