Body Analysis

Would you like to know exactly what is going on in your body and brain?

Book a Comprehensive Body Analysis as the starting point for your journey of healing and transformation.

This is a comprehensive 'look' at what is most directly concerned with ADHD, ADD, OCD, ASD/autism, and dyslexia, so you can: 
1) Find any OTHER conditions or physical issues that could be mimicking or exacerbating symptoms of suspected or diagnosed ADHD, ADD, ASD, OCD, dyslexia
2) Take care of them in holistic ways that are non-invasive, painless, powerful, and easy.  This may involve referrals to holistic practitioners if requested.
3) Balance body and brain with new ​neurobalancing techniques and technologies. This is way ahead of the curve!
3) Monitor your progress, both physiologically and neurologically.  You can learn to do this yourself.

These are some of the things we look at: 

  • Sensitivities, toxicities, or allergies that you have
  • Which foods to stay away from, and whether certain diets would be helpful
  • Which organs, glands, and systems are out of balance and causing chain reactions or problems
  • Whether neurochemical levels (i.e. serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, etc) are near the optimum levels for your own body
  • 91 essential nutrient levels - are you getting the nutrients you need?
  • Where there are trapped emotional stresses in your body that can be easily released
  • Conditions that could be exacerbating or mimicking ADHD, ADD, ASD, OCD, dyslexia - and taken care of holistically
  • Presence and location of parasitic overgrowths and other pathogens
  • Brain activity (underactive/overactive/balanced) and balance between hemispheres

This takes about 30 minutes​.
From here, you can decide how you want to take care of any concerns you have.
You will receive a summary of relevant findings in the analysis.
The fee is $100, and can be applied towards any package that contains this component.  

Current Special Offer:  Parent and Child: 2 for 1 ($100 for both) 

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