Create Beyond Fear: A 30-Day Adventure!

This is a journey I am going on, and I invite you along!  There is a free video each day, posted on The Lightwork School Youtube channel and on The Lightwork School Facebook page.

Day One: What Do You Love?

We started by wondering, “What do you love?”  I made a list of things I love – and every time I do that it makes me feel happy!  When we feel happy, we are going to be creating on a different, higher level.  So why not?

Then I asked myself, “Why am I not doing these things all the time?”  The answers that came to me showed me how BIG we perceive some of the obstacles to be.  Of course some version of money is usually in that answer, like “I think I ‘should’ do things to make money,” but others were ‘biggies’ too.  “Religious ideas,” and “Doing what other people think is the way to do it,” came to mind too.  Yup, money, religion, and the matrix of programmed thought. The triangle!!

Day Two: What is Your Deep ‘Why’?

On Day 2, I was feeling inspired by my vision of what I’d like the world to be, and moved by my core values:  Oneness, Truth and Love, and Freedom of Choice (or Being Master of Your Own Space).  The deep ‘why’ is what inspires us to create what is in line with our heart’s desire.  It also helps us to endure the aspects of getting our creations out into the world that are maybe not our favourite thing.  What if we mixed things up a bit more?  I experimented with brief episodes of computer, then something I love, and it does help!  (Well, one of those was a hot chocolate bribe, and when I forgot, my body said, “You promised!!”)

Day Three:  Letting Go of Making Yourself Wrong

On Day 3, I went into a massive nose-dive of making myself wrong.  Oh, I started the day in the wrong order and sacrificed my quiet meditation time to get videos posted all over Facebook!  And on it went.  Add in some money stress, and the overall tension in our world right now, and I kind of spiraled down.  So the video about releasing where we make ourselves wrong is really for me!!

In that video I mentioned that when we make ourselves wrong, we block our ability to receive.  Yowie! That’s major! And that same day, I started to see how much I refuse to receive by all the points of view I have.  No wonder! And in a business coaching, I was told in no uncertain terms that I really must learn to receive.  Mmmhmm.

Day Four: 12 Myths About Receiving

So on Day 4, part of my quiet morning meditation was receiving from the earth, receiving from the plants, receiving from the crystals.  They said, “What we have to give you is so much more important than money!”  It was blissful.  And I started to receive information (from my Being) about some of the myths we have about receiving – places where we’ve (subconsciously) equated receiving with something we do NOT want.  Check the Receiving Blog Post for the details!