About Linda

I Love

I love freedom. And sunshine. And flowers. And colours. And rain on the roof. And seeing people happy.  And cardinals at the bird feeder.  And the smell of coffee.  And the sound of water.  And the peace of the forest.  And the wisdom of trees.  And singing nature’s songs.

I love seeing someone ‘get it’ and come away empowered.  I love seeing lit-up faces after cosmic meditations. I love the quiet peace of a problem dissolved.  I love the warm heart connection that we share.  Love. Truth. Oneness.

It’s an Adventure!

Since discovering energy healing in 2007, I have worked with hundreds of clients to solve very challenging and tricky problems for which they could not get help elsewhere. The kinds of gifts I have enable me to help clients access any realms or dimensions or realities required, dissolve stuck situations or energies, free parts of themselves they’ve tucked into some dimension or other, communicate telepathically with unseen beings, take care of lower-frequency entities, and be able to see through the tricks and illusions that we sometimes encounter. Each session is a fascinating, empowering, safe, painless, light-hearted, and sometimes funny adventure. Nothing is out of reach, and there are no sacred cows!

My Journey of Discovery

My desire to empower people started with a devastating personal and career crash in 1993.  In my quest to heal, I cycled through a lot of different approaches and modalities. My journey started with Dr. Burns’ The Feeling Good Handbook (cognitive therapy for depression and anxiety), Pia Mellody’s codependence and abuse recovery, The Courage to Heal, and John Bradshaw’s inner child work. This was trauma recovery, and I had the support of good counsellor friends, as well as professional help.

In 2007, after the death of a close friend, my desperation attracted me to a workshop about Emotional Freedom Technique, and that was the beginning of energy therapies! I dove deeply into EFT practitioner certification, and realized that I had gifts to facilitate emotional and psychological healing for people.

As I moved through various modalities – EFT (with Timeline Therapy and Matrix Re-imprinting), Emotion Code, Body Code, Meta-Medicine (with certification as an Integrative Health Coach), Advanced Clearing Energetics (practitioner certification) – I used them in my work with clients.  I typically would work intensively with a certain modality (personally, especially), until something came along that was better and faster, and I’d move on. 

In 2012, I thought life was in a pretty good place.  I had a full-time high-school teaching job in Toronto (professional cred + exciting city), had good friends, a nourishing spiritual community, and I should have been satisfied. But I wasn’t. Life just felt grey. Then I was introduced to a modality that was way different than anything I had encountered, and seemed to provide exactly the level of weirdness I needed. I enthusiastically learned the tools of Access Consciousness, becoming a body process facilitator, teaching classes and offering personal sessions. That affiliation started to disappoint me before very long, and soon I was pulled by the concepts of Oneness and the Space of Being that I encountered through Dr. Graziano Dominici, concepts that are helping me expand beyond this current reality. 

While working with Dr. Dominici, my innate ability to work with higher-realm light emerged naturally. This was a surprise, for it showed up spontaneously and unexpectedly! This forms the basis of much of the work that I do now, in transformational sessions as well as group meditations (lightwork).

Other Hats

Other experiences and training have helped me to have a wide perspective of life, and a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges that people encounter.

  • Nine years as a spiritual minister in a non-denominational Christian fellowship enable me to facilitate people in making deep and real inner spiritual connections. 
  • Over fifteen years of high school teaching (Canada and Thailand) have honed my skills to nurture a variety of personalities and create stimulating learning activities.
  • Graduate studies in collaborative piano performance and vocal coaching helped me develop the discipline and inner attunement to support people who are being vulnerable in expressing themselves.
  • Entrepreneurial business ventures in flower garden maintenance, piano and voice teaching, managing a house painting franchise, and managing a window cleaning franchise have instilled in me a very practical, down-to-earth approach.  (P.S. I learned to love buying tools, just like my dad!)

What else?

  • I love walking in the forest and beside water.  Being in nature is a priority.
  • My ADHD brain is fast, and I love to brainstorm ideas and create new stuff.
  • Maybe because of that, I have a good B.S. detector! 🙂
  • My mother and my sister both died of cancer, so I am familiar with deep grieving and teenage mother-loss.
  • I have a deep faith, and in going deeper have been sorting out what belongs to the infinite Love and Truth of I AM, and what is just religion. This is not an easy process!
  • I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for three years, teaching English and music, while travelling as much as possible. Being an ex-pat is life-changing and perspective-changing.  
  • My Great-Great Grandparents came from Ireland and I.LOVE.IT.THERE.
    Scotland and Norway are also in my ancestral line - lots of magic!
  • I’m always exploring beyond the limits of what people think is possible.  Join me?!

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