My Story!

"Is this all there is?"
About 10 years ago, I was in a ‘good’ place, I thought. I was living in an exciting city, was immersed in a ‘real’ professional job that I had worked hard to obtain, had travelled and lived in exotic Bangkok for three years, was enjoying a network of supportive friends, was feeling settled and at peace spiritually, and yet I had this thought, “Is this all there is?”

I was so surprised and dismayed because here I had what everyone thought I should be satisfied with, including my spiritual friends and family.  And I wasn’t.  Life felt grey.  I desperately hoped there was something more, because this was not enough for me.  The year was 2012.

I was No Newbie!
I had already done 17 years of recovery work after a traumatic life ‘crash’ when I was a minister/preacher in my faith, and had already been using dynamic energy healing tools for myself and others for 5 years, finding that I had powerful abilities to work with energies – so I was not exactly a ‘newbie’ to healing and spirituality and recovery.  Even with all that experience, all that recovery, and all those tools, life still felt ‘grey,’ and I yearned for something more.

I wonder how many other people are in this position? I think many of us have deep yearnings that are calling to us more urgently than ever.  Whatever the yearnings and the urgings are, the answers are within, and we can tap into our own inner source of knowing.

Starting to Live in Kodacolour!
For me, the path from there was an expansion of what I had thought was even possible.  I learned powerful and practical tools to develop my intuitive knowing, to let go of all sorts of energies as well as some unusual things that no-one had acknowledged before, no less dealt with, and I learned powerful energy processes to facilitate bodies to heal themselves energetically.  It was like living in Kodacolour (remember Kodak?!) after living in black and white.  I drank it all in, and my personal universe expanded exponentially.

The Space of Oneness
I was introduced to the idea of the space of being who we truly are by Dr. Graziano Dominici, and that opened up my inner ‘universe’ exponentially.  Initially I was drawn to something he said about Oneness, and my conscious thought was, “I need more of that.”  Little did I know how profound that exploration would be.  It went far beyond emotional clearing processes, and energy clearing processes, and energetic body processes – it expanded out to the space of being everything and its opposite, of being all possibilities, of being One. 

Coming into my Own - Working with Light
While working with him, my innate ability to work with higher-realm light emerged naturally. This was a surprise, for it showed up spontaneously and unexpectedly!  This forms the basis of much of the work that I do now, in transformational sessions as well as group meditations (lightwork).   

Healing my Inner Heart
Even working with energies, spaces, and light, I realized I still needed to heal my divine child’s heart within.  It felt like coming full circle, and coming back home, to the divine source and divine ‘connection’ within.  Since 2018, I have been mostly inner-focused, healing my own heart, healing that divine channel of Infinite Love.  This is the focus that has brought more Oneness within, with all the aspects of ‘me,’ with my Being, with I AM, and with the infinite Oneness of Love.

It Never Ends!
I am deeply dedicated to going ever deeper within, and I believe that we continuously evolve and expand, seemingly infinitely!  It is an exciting exploration of discovery, and I am happy to accompany others on their journey for a little while, knowing I can only contribute as far as I have been willing to go myself.

The Gifts I Bring

  • Empathic awareness of feelings and energies
  • Clear-sighted inner vision
  • Able to find the roots of tough issues that have not responded to previous therapies or other modalities
  • Multi-dimensional and multi-reality awareness – nothing is beyond reach
  • Deep compassion born of profound life experiences, trauma, loss, and over 25 years of active inner healing
  • Psychic awareness (intuitive knowing)
  • Telepathic communication with Beings, bodies, earth, trees, crystals, etc
  • Powerful abilities to us high-frequency energies and light in bringing peace and facilitating transformation – quickly, painlessly, and efficiently
  • Practical, down-to-earth approach
  • Keen discernment (no BS approach!)

Personal Stuff

  • I’ve had a variety of occupations:  musician, minister/preacher, small business owner (painting, window cleaning, gardening, energy healing), ESL teacher overseas, high school teacher in Ontario, Canada.
  • I grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan – a very down-to-earth foundation to life!
  • I wrote an ebook about the ADHD brain – which is how my brain works.
  • I’m a recovering perfectionist (“Hi, my name’s Linda, and I’m a perfectionist.”)
  • My mother and my sister both died of cancer, so I am familiar with deep grieving and teenage mother-loss.
  • I have a deep faith, and in going deeper have been sorting out what belongs to the infinite love of I AM, and what is just religion.  This is not an easy process!
  • I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for three years, teaching English and music, while travelling as much as possible.  Being an ex-pat is life-changing!
  • I have experienced trauma, and spent years doing intensive recovery and codependence healing.  While I do not specifically work with these issues, I am very familiar with them.
  • I have family spread over the western prairies and beyond, whom I dearly love.
  • I have Celtic and Norske roots.  When I visited Ireland in 2017, I felt like I had come home. When my second oldest sister visited Scotland a few weeks earlier, she felt like she had connected with her most-loved roots!  When my oldest sister visited Norway the year before, she felt like she had found her ‘home’!  That about covers them all!
  • What am I like?  Curious, creative, adventurous, sensitive, empathic, intuitive/psychic, playful, enthusiastic, passionate about what I’m interested in, good BS detector.
  • What do I love? Colour, beauty, nature, trees, birds, the sound of water, the smell of coffee, reading books, laying on the earth, walking in the forest and beside the waves…