Life brings changes and challenges

 ...and they can be difficult to handle. Nurture your body, and reconnect with your true self to get inner direction.   

Energy and Light Bodywork

Dissolve anxiety, heal trauma, calm your mind,
nurture your body, revitalize your energy!

Local to Almonte/Carleton Place and area -
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Changes are challenging

Some big changes may be happening in your life. Maybe you've asked for this, maybe you didn't - but it's challenging, for sure!

You've had something significant in your life end (or it's ending) - maybe a career, a long-term relationship, a way of life, a stage in life - and you feel like you don't have an anchor and don't have a clear direction.

Not only does the future seem uncertain, there are feelings of loss, pain, grief about what has ended, or is ending, that cannot be ignored. You know this is big.

The feelings go deep. The fears arise. What now? Will I be able to handle it? Will I survive? Will I be safe? What's going to happen? What's going to happen to ME?

Maybe some words in the image below resonate with you right now...


Perhaps you, like many others, feel like you 'should' be able to handle this yourself.
But there is just so MUCH, and it's so complicated, so deep, that maybe you feel like you're drowning, lost, or certainly overwhelmed.  You don't know what direction to go, and can't seem to get clear answers from within.

Wouldn't it be great to know that you CAN feel happy and strong and ready to go forward in the direction that feels right for you? That you CAN restore your heart, and be ready to truly live your best life? That you CAN create your dreams? 

Well, you can. Sometimes, though, it takes some deeper inner work that will take you even higher than you were before. Would you be willing for that?! 

And sometimes, too, it's okay to receive some friendly assistance in this deeper journey, from people who have been there, have been through the dark passages, and understand the fear and grief and pain and guilt and shame that often accompany difficult endings, and who know that for you, too, there can be a brighter tomorrow.  


First, download the free gifts (bottom of the page):
"Breathing I AM " audio, and "10 Tools to Open Up Your Intuitive Mojo" pdf. The audio will help to relax and soothe you, and help you feel more connected to the help that is really there for you. The intuitive tools will help open up your inner knowing, so you can start to get some answers and guidance from within.

Second, keep reading!
To see if this could be a fit for you, click here for "Is This You?"
And maybe you've tried other things, so if you're wondering what it's going to take to get to where you need to go next, you can
click here to see "How It Works".

I offer 'Life Changes Inner Journey' personal mentoring to assist you to reconnect to your inner knowing and all the help, support, comfort, and inner guidance that is available. Maybe this would benefit you! Or maybe you know a friend that is looking for something like this. 

Third, give me a call!
I'd be happy to talk to you and hear about your situation - no obligation, no pressure, just a conversation.  It helps to be heard, and you can see if working with me feels right for you. 

Get in touch! 

Hello and Welcome!

Hi! I'm Linda Lonseth and I'm happy you're here!

It takes a lot of courage to look for help, and I appreciate how vulnerable it makes you feel.

'Big life changes' could be my middle name! I've had to learn how to grieve, to heal and restore, to rediscover, and go within - and the road goes ever on and on!

Please feel free to contact me below if you have any questions at all - I'd love to hear from you!

And remember to download the free gifts!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to resolve some really tricky issues, and I draw not only from my training in energy modalities, but from my own experience, and from channeled information and abilities of my higher being.  

Some of the previous certifications include: Integrated Health Coach, (Meta-Medicine); Practitioner (Advanced Clearing Energetics); Advanced Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique); Body Process Facilitator (Access Consciousness).  I have also worked extensively with Emotion Code, Body Code, Matrix Re-imprinting and Timeline Therapy, and what I call ‘Playing with Spaces’, inspired by Dr. Graziano Dominici’s brilliant work with ‘Being the Space You Truly Be.’  I also use and teach techniques of working with high-frequency light that are extremely powerful. 

I have been working intensively with energy therapies and more, for 14 years.  All of this varied experience and training means that I have a lot of different ways to work with individual needs, to get results.

Today we really did some deep cleansing work. I cleared blocks that are going to help facilitate my abilities to heal, to be intuitive, and even to manifest money in my life. Some of the blocks that came up I would never have thought of. Linda’s an excellent facilitator.

Angela R Project Manager

Linda's work has impacted me in multiple ways to bring focus and clarity into stepping into my power and embracing change! I highly recommend working with Linda as her guidance is priceless.

Joey W- Educator & Marketer

In Linda's lightwork [sessions], it's an adventure. It's all about light and love, and lighting the world. She’s very intuitive, very spiritually aware, and very inclusive. You’ll experience a lot of lightness, and it’s very fun and interactive! You’ll love it, you’ll definitely love it!

Phylicia C - Singer-Songwriter


"Breathing I AM" audio
"10 Tools to Open Up Your Intuitive Mojo"

Your intuition is a very practical navigation tool - like GPS!
Open up to your 'true self' with a powerful breathing guided meditation, and start to get answers from within!