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​Heal your Heart with Light:  Interactive Workshop May 17

​Get 'Unstuck' with Light:  Interactive Workshop May 31

Focus and Calm ​for Kids
10 Holistic Essentials to Get Real Results Without Drugs

So many of our children are now diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, and dyslexia. What is going on and how can we help them be happy, calm, focused, and able to do what they love to do?  Naturally.  Holistically.

Having taught ​in public schools and high schools for many years, most recently in special education, I have a keen desire to give our kids with learning challenges a different experience.

I am also interested in the neurology of learning challenges, and ​​have developed advanced ​neurobalancing that is transformative on many levels. This, as well as ​a comprehensive holistic focus, techniques to release emotional stress, wearable neurobalancing technology, and practical intuition development, can create a huge difference for kids and their families.  

Download your free copy of "Focus and Calm for Kids" -  10 holistic essentials to get real results without drugs - and ​get involved in c​reating different possibilities for our precious kids!

What Participants Are Saying

Linda Is An Excellent Facilitator!


Today we really did some deep cleansing work. I cleared blocks that are going to help facilitate my abilities to heal, to be intuitive, and even to manifest money in my life. Some of the blocks that came up I would never have thought of. Linda’s an excellent facilitator.

Angela R

I Got Great Decision-Making Tools!


[The class] made me see some of my beliefs that were not serving me anymore. It also helped me to see another perspective around things that I was thinking of. It also gave me tools that I’m going to start using and developing so I can make wiser decisions, because sometimes we are so into our heads, like, “What’s the right choice, what’s the right choice?” This gives you an incredible tool to go past that.


The Intuition Workshop Helped Me Open Up To Myself


[The class] has been so powerful and intense, and this session in itself has given me the ability to open a channel inwardly, and also to go outward and see all the different versions of me that exist, and all those different beliefs we have that have been ingrained...it just kind of allowed me to go outside of myself and deal with them. It’s been so incredibly useful and amazing.

It's made me see myself under a microscope, and even though I feel like so much was accomplished today [with the group], much more was accomplished internally, being able to view myself in a different way, which will allow my expansion at a much greater pace.

Giusi B

The Lightwork Sessions are Interactive Adventures!


In Linda's lightwork meetups, it's an adventure. It's all about light and love, and lighting the world. She’s very intuitive, very spiritually aware, and very inclusive. You’ll experience a lot of lightness, and it’s very fun and interactive! You’ll love it, you’ll definitely love it!

Phylicia C

I Cleared a Physical Problem in Two Sessions


I've had an issue with my finger since I was 6 years old, an extradimensional implant - something that I can’t see but I can feel. I get pimples, I get pustules, and I get warts, always in that spot. And it’s been bothering me, and it doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried to get it out or had it removed, it wouldn’t go away. After two sessions with Linda, it was completely healed. I highly recommend Linda for her intuitive interdimensional clearing and coaching.

Joey W

I Discovered What I'm Really Looking For


I found [the session] really helpful, and it helped me rework how I think about money. Because before, I equated money and freedom as the same thing. And now I’ve been focusing more on, “It’s not money, really, that I want, it’s joy and abundance."

[I also realized] I am powerful as myself, and I don’t need to be running after everyone’s approval before I do something. "Is this right for me? Yes, okay," and move on.

Daniella T

I Was Able to Go Where I Needed to Be


It was the first time I’ve had a interactive visualization where I was guided through the meditation visually, and Linda was very detailed and specific, which I like - she'll guide you to where you need to be.

Salman S

About Linda

Linda Lonseth, M.Mus, B.Ed.

​Transformational Facilitator
The Lightwork School

Linda teaches practical tools to empower people to use their ​ intuitive abilities ​so ​​they can follow their ​personal 'inner compass', develop their innate gifts, ​and be who they truly are a​t heart.  ​She has a special interest in helping our kids with ADHD, ADD, autism/ASD, OCD, and dyslexia be empowered to be ​the fullest expression of their unique beautiful ​beings.

In workshops and classes,​ a​s well as personal transformation ​coaching and bodywork, ​Linda helps people release stuck emotional patterns and ​open up to their true self with all its abilities. ​ Her keen interest in neurobalancing with energy and light opens up new exciting possibilities on our planet! 

​Linda's background in education, music performance, vocal coaching, pastoral work and entrepreneurial ventures gives her a wide life perspective and a very practical, down-to-earth approach in her coaching.  She also sees beyond the visible to work with the core of issues.

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