Discover Your Deeper Purpose & Create Your Life!

Do you wonder if you’re here on earth for a reason, but you’re not sure what direction to go?

You thought life was going along the way it should be – but things have changed for you inside and you’re not sure exactly why. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you, or if you’re going crazy, or if maybe you have some kind of hidden problem. 

Your job isn't really satisfying anymore and it's lost its meaning, and you wonder if your heart is calling you in a different direction. You start thinking about a deeper purpose, and you’re wondering what that might be.

You feel different and strange and alone – who can you talk to? It feels pretty big, too, and kind of scary.  

Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of stuff and it still wasn't enough. You’re frustrated.

Wouldn’t it be a big relief to know what you’re here for – what your deeper purpose might be - and to get clear answers and guidance about exactly what to do next?

Well, you can! You can get clear answers and inner guidance that is exactly right for you, and be able to create what your heart deeply desires: you’re in the right place to get assistance to ‘connect the dots’ to do just that. You’re here now.  
Just breathe!

Where do you start?

Well, one thing you can do to start is to download
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Hi!  I'm Linda Lonseth and I'm happy you're here! 

It takes a lot of courage to look for help, and I appreciate how vulnerable it makes you feel.

I've helped hundreds of people to connect more with who they really are, and be able to access their innate intuitive abilities and gifts.

Please feel free to contact me below if you have any questions at all - I'd love to hear from you!  

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What Clients Say

Giusi B

Reiki healer

This has been so powerful and intense, and this session in itself has given me the ability to open a channel inwardly, and also to go outward and see all the different versions of me that exist, and all those different beliefs we have that have been just kind of allowed me to go outside of myself and deal with them. It’s been so incredibly useful and amazing.

Phylicia C


In Linda's lightwork [sessions], it's an adventure. It's all about light and love, and lighting the world. She’s very intuitive, very spiritually aware, and very inclusive. You’ll experience a lot of lightness, and it’s very fun and interactive! You’ll love it, you’ll definitely love it!

Joey W

instructor and marketer

I've had an issue with my finger since I was 6 years old, an extradimensional implant - something that I can’t see but I can feel. I get pimples, I get pustules, and I get warts, always in that spot. And it’s been bothering me, and it doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried to get it out or had it removed, it wouldn’t go away. After two sessions with Linda, it was completely healed. I highly recommend Linda for her intuitive interdimensional clearing and coaching.