​What if you could use your own intuiti​on to make better decisions? Learn simple, practical tools to make decisions and choices that will benefit you the most! 

Foundational Intuition Workshop​ ​ 
​A. Power from Within - Intuitive Decisions

* Be able to trust yourself and your own inner knowing.
* Be like top CEO's and be able to make intuitive decisions that have the most benefit.
* Be able to know which investments, purchases, and money decisions are in your best interests.
* Be able to know EXACTLY what food, nutrients, and activities you and your body require.
* Be able to know ahead of time what your choices will create so you can choose wisely.
* Activate your 'lie detector' and be able to easily know what is true or not.
* Be able to cut through the onslaught of marketing and advertising to discern what is right for YOU.
* Be able to know which feelings, emotions, issues, and physical problems are actually not yours - simply something you are aware of.
* Clear out inner blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from trusting yourself
and keep you from being able to access your intuitive abilities.
* Be able to create and utilize powerful columns of divine light and love for healing and transformation

Next Toronto Workshop:  
Friday, March 23, 7-9 pm
The Lightwork School
40 Amsterdam Avenue, East York
Special Offer: Bring a friend and
​pay only $30 each!

Next Online Workshop:
March 24, 11 am ​​EDT/ 15:00 UTC
Zoom Online

Other Intuition Workshops
in Helix Lightwork Personal Level 1
(online and in Toronto)

B. Intuitive Goals:  Create targets that align with your true core values
C. Intuitive Money: Look behind the curtain and create wealth and abundance in a different way.
D. Intuitive Anxiety: Create emotional freedom from anxiety and depression.
E. Intuitive Body: Be able to decode your body's messages ​to be healthy ​& happy
F: Intuitive Communication: Be able to communicate beyond words with nature, animals, children, projects, etc.