Brain Advance Study

Participants learn practical tools to easily optimize 
brain function and maintain emotional balance.

Þ Learn more easily

Þ Be able to focus and concentrate

Þ Handle stress and reduce anxiety

Þ Calm your body and brain

Þ Be happy!



  •  Simple, powerful decision-making tools
  •  The fastest & most thorough techniques to dissipate emotional patterns
  •  Opening up & activating higher brain function
  •  Playing with light frequencies to transform and create situations, relationships,     moods, goals, and dreams
  •  Measuring and monitoring your own neurochemical levels and other physical indicators


1. Participants complete an initial assessment survey.

2. Key markers are measured and monitored before and after each session, and at intervals after the study.

3. The study includes three transformational individual sessions as well as instructional materials.

4. Results and measurements will be made available to participants.

5. Enrollment in the study is $350 for students and $500 for non-students. 
Partial sponsorship may be available.


 Linda Lonseth, M.Mus, B.Ed.
Founder of The Lightwork School

416-693-9009   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.