One-to-One Transformational Coaching

Get amazing results - FAST!
We work intuitively to pinpoint the root of whatever it is you want to change (wherever it is located!), and transform it!  

Introductory Session $100 
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Linda Lonseth

M.Mus, B.Ed
Light Master
Playing with Spaces
Helix Lightwork


Light Up Your Intuition Online Series

6 Modules

·        CHOICES AND DECISIONS: Activate intuitive knowing to make choices and decisions, and know how to handle any situation by being able to choose the response that will create the best result.

·        YOU ARE SO AWARE: Create more ease with intuitive awareness - which can show up as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, discomfort in groups or crowds, emotional extremes, physical discomfort or illness - and be more of who you REALLY are. 

·        STOP COMPULSIVE HELPING: Clear old programs that lock you into compulsive fixing, healing, saving, rescuing, and helping, so you can be free to choose what will create the best result for everyone.  

·        ACCESS INFINITE RESOURCES: Get on the highest frequency to access the infinite resources of the universe and create ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’.

·        RIGHT GOALS FOR YOU: Intuitively determine core values, and align targets and activities so you can be successful in reaching goals that are right for you.

·        YOUR BODY KNOWS: Access the wisdom of your body, which is connected to everything in this world and the universe. Be able to communicate with your own body so you can create a life of joy and ease.

Individual Sessions to Accompany Modules:

·        CLEAR MONEY BLOCKS:  One-to-one online session to clear what’s behind YOUR money blocks and limiting beliefs so you can get the cash flowing!  

·        CLEAR INTUITION BLOCKS: One-to-one online session to clear what’s behind YOUR intuition blocks and limiting beliefs so you can step into developing your innate intuitive gifts and abilities.