One-to-One Transformational Coaching

Get amazing results - FAST!
We work intuitively to pinpoint the root of whatever it is you want to change (wherever it is located!), and transform it!  

Introductory Session $100 
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Introductory Offer
Online or In Person:
Intuitive Full-Body
Health Analysis

Detailed intuitive analysis
of internal functioning,
potential issues,
Full ADHD analysis
if required.

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Linda Lonseth

M.Mus, B.Ed
Light Master
Playing with Spaces
Helix Lightwork

Power from Within
Intuitive Decisions Workshop 1

Learn simple practical tools
to be able to use your OWN intuition
to make choices and decisions that benefit you.

* Be able to trust yourself and your own inner knowing.

* Be like top CEO's and be able to make intuitive decisions that have the most benefit.

* Be able to know which investments, purchases, and money decisions are in your best interests.

* Be able to know EXACTLY what food, nutrients, and activities you and your body require.

* Be able to know ahead of time what your choices will create so you can choose wisely.

* Activate your 'lie detector' and be able to easily know what is true or not.

* Be able to cut through marketing and advertising hype to discern what is right for YOU.

* Be able to know which feelings, emotions, issues, and physical problems are actually not yours -
simply something you are aware of.

* Clear out inner blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from trusting yourself
and keep you from being able to access your intuitive abilities.

* Be able to get intuitive guidance from your 'higher self', and your unseen 'team'.

* Be able to create and utilize powerful columns of divine light and love for healing and transformation.

This is the foundational class of a series of Intuition Classes that will be offered soon, including:
- Intuitive Goals
- Intuitive Money
- Intuitive Anxiety
- Intuitive Body
- Intuitive Communication

Friday, February 16, from 7-9 pm

Location: Lightwork School, 40 Amsterdam Ave, East York (Toronto)
Value Exchange: $50