One-to-One Transformational Coaching

Get amazing results - FAST!
We work intuitively to pinpoint the root of whatever it is you want to change (wherever it is located!), and transform it!  

Introductory Session $100 
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Linda Lonseth

M.Mus, B.Ed
Light Master
Playing with Spaces
Helix Lightwork

Bodywork with Spaces and Light

Linda has her own unique bodywork abilities - Playing with Spaces (transforming systems of energies), which is superfast and superpowerful! She also works with light from a different realm in all her sessions, which is the highest, fastest, most powerful frequency. 

Most of the light and spaces bodywork she does is non-contact, and is sometimes done in conjunction with Access Body Processes and Access Bars, in private sessions.  She will share whatever spaces and energies the body 'requests'. 

She loves to show people how to work with universal light columns, and does this in every class, lightwork session, and private session. She gives workshops (both in person and online) to share these techniques with anyone who is interested.  This is indeed the cutting edge of transformational work - both self-administered, and for therapeutic purposes.  For starters, attend lightwork project sessions and learn how to work with light.  Stay tuned for workshops and course programs!