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We work intuitively to pinpoint the root of whatever it is you want to change (wherever it is located!), and transform it!  

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Lightwork Sessions

Monthly (Free)
Friday, October 13

Lightwork School
40 Amsterdam Ave
Let's crack all those
superstitions and 
light up the place!

Learn how to work with light
and contribute your 
love and light to the planet!

Linda Lonseth

M.Mus, B.Ed
Light Master
Playing with Spaces
Helix Lightwork

About Linda

Linda Lonseth, M.Mus, B.Ed
Transformational Intuitive Lightwork Master

Linda is passionate about facilitating people to be free and happy!  She loves seeing others be able to follow the path of their heart's desire - whether it be in the area of money, relationships, career, or health.  She is rich in life experience and understands how heavy and crazy things can get!

Her background in education, music performance, vocal coaching, pastoral work and entrepreneurial ventures gives her a wide life perspective and a very practical, down-to-earth approach in her coaching.  She also sees beyond the visible to work with the core of issues.

She uses the following energy therapies in her work:
  • Helix Lightwork - directing light from another realm for transformation 
  • Playing with Spaces - powerfully transforming systems of energies
  • Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE Practitioner Level 3)
  • Access Consciousness: Tools, Techniques and Processes from
    Bars, Foundation & Level 1, Access Body Class, Talk to the Entities.    (Certified Access Body Process Facilitator)
  • Body Code and Emotion Code (Dr. Brad Nelson)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Levels I, II and III, EFT-Adv)
  • Simplified Energy Techniques (Steve Wells and David Lake)
  • Provocative Energy Therapy (Steve Wells and David Lake)
  • NLP Time-Line Therapy 
  • Matrix Re-Imprinting (Karl Dawson)

Linda is a certified Integrative Health Coach
with Meta-Health International