One-to-One Transformational Coaching

Get amazing results - FAST!
We work intuitively to pinpoint the root of whatever it is you want to change (wherever it is located!), and transform it!  

Introductory Session $100 
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Lightwork Sessions

Monthly (Free)
Friday, October 13

Lightwork School
40 Amsterdam Ave
Let's crack all those
superstitions and 
light up the place!

Learn how to work with light
and contribute your 
love and light to the planet!

Linda Lonseth

M.Mus, B.Ed
Light Master
Playing with Spaces
Helix Lightwork

Light Up Your Intuition!
Intuition and Lightwork Intensive


(One-day intensive; and in future online, and at retreats)

*Use your intuitive abilities to choose what is right for YOU

*Have your empathic abilities work FOR you instead of AGAINST you!

*Learn to communicate with your body to  choose what will be a benefit 

*Learn to use your intuitive abilities / tools to create magic and miracles!

*Intuitively find your core values – your deep ‘why’ – and align goals  

*Find a healthier balance with helping others (vs fixing and rescuing)

*Clear blocks and limiting beliefs to developing your intuitive abilities

*Clear blocks and limiting beliefs to having more ease with money flows

*Intensive Lightwork Session with Standing Columnar Waves of Light



(One-day intensive; and in future at retreats)

*Learn how to be truly YOU (your ’higher’ self) 

*Embrace all the parts of yourself that you have rejected 

*Learn how to easily communicate with your ‘guides’ and Source

*Learn how to collapse emotional patterns quickly & thoroughly

*Learn how to work with crystalline light frequencies and light           columns to heal and transform        

*Learn how to communicate with earth, nature, objects,  places,

  people, Galactic  Beings, etc, energetically and telepathically

*Get some practical tips in working with your ‘team’ (guides,etc)

*Learn how to work with your body as messenger 

*Intensive Lightwork Session of Planetary Gridwork


Next class TBA
Fees: $200/day  (Snacks and drinks included.  Bring a lunch.)
Location:  The Lightwork School, East York, Toronto
Time: 9-6 both days
Facilitator:  Linda Lonseth, M.Mus, B.Ed, Light Master

For more information, contact Linda Lonseth 
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Are you interested in joy, freedom,
light, bliss, space, happiness...?

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